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Located in the Pacific Ocean less than an hour from La Paz this new development offers a unique opportunity to have a property a few steps from the sea at an affordable price.


Yorigiobe is a set of 102 lots with at least 1,500 square meters each. This development seeks to position itself as a sustainable destination, in harmony with nature and with a vibrant community that includes local, national and international owners.

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Nature Lovers

How to get to Yorigiobe?

Yorigiobe is located in the Boca de la Cañada del Venado. To get to Yorigiobe you must travel 38 km on the road north from La Paz, turn left and then travel about 20 km on the road and a dirt road section between cardons and local fauna where a small car can pass without a problem.

The virgin beaches that surround the area, as well as the almost zero population density characteristic of Baja California Sur, make this place a paradise. Admire the stars like nowhere else, be amazed by the roar of the ocean and feel how nature fills you with peace and freedom

Lots with ocean access

Division of lots project authorized by governmental institutions

Precios accesibles

Terrenos desde $250 pesos por metro cuadrado

Safe investment

High surplus value that will increase price over time.

Facilidades de pago

Enganche de 30% y pagos mensuales a 3, 6 o 10 años

Desarrollo en armonía con la naturaleza

Lineamientos para un desarrollo de bajo impacto y respeto por la naturaleza

Zona de huertos

Se tiene contemplado el desarrollo de una zona de huertos comunitarios para que los propietarios puedan sembrar si lo desean

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